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Things have indeed been quite slow around here, but I am now opening up for commissions!
What can I do for you, you ask? Well just about anything your heart desires.
Prices are going to be based on how you want the image to be finished ie. lineart, colors, painting, ect.
*An important thing to note: the prices I'm about to list are base prices. depending on if you're wanting a more complex image ie. multiple characters, backgrounds, or what have you, can increase the price. Prices will be discussed until we can reach an agreement.
Now down to business.

If you want a certain size for the commission, please ask! All drawings will be done at 300dpi(default) at any dimensions I find suitable otherwise.
Things that may increase the price: complex backgrounds, multiple characters, or even small animations.

1. megumirena (18 x 24 Acrylic Painting )
2. carnx (lineart)
3. Open!
4. Open!


How to commission me:
Just shoot me a message here! Please make sure there are available slots before asking. I can do OC's(furrys/non-human/anthro/or just plain human, ect.), fanart, a combination of the two, Fanfic covers, Gaia signatures, icons, ect. But all work done is to not be distributed for profit! Just as a favor please try to be very clear about your commissions the first go-around, it will save me a lot of time and effort. :)

simply send as a gift** to my paypal account:

I'm sorry to say but I cannot accept DA points.
**sending as a gift via paypal does not deduct any tax, ensuring I am paid the whole amount we agreed on.

When to submit payment:
Only when I have sent a message to you confirming I have completed the commission! Note that to prevent non-payers you will not see the final image until there is a payment sent. You will be shown progress images at your full request, but to protect from losing profit I cannot post a final image before payment.

    Some disclaimers:  -> Please keep in mind since these prices are NOT based on time spent, so I will most likely be working for under minimum wage.  -> When discussing the prices I will ask a fair price and expect the same from you.  -> Adult themes are allowed, but for DA purposes I obviously cannot do too sexual of content. Just about anything in my gallery subject matter wise can go!  -> I will not draw anything hateful or abusive, no racism, no sexism, and no slander to any minority or anyone in general.  -> When in doubt, just ask! This is a very open-ended commission post and if I haven't listed something that you might like done by me I would be honored to discuss it.

Thanks for stickin around everyone! Hope you all have a great day.


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Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas
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Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you Becca my dear and may the holidays and 2016 bring you so much joy and happiness!
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Happy Birthday Bekuhz and may your rest of the holidays be as beautiful and joyous.
God loves you everyday of your life.
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Awesome stuff that you got here estelle and it awesome with a capital A! hope that you don't mind putting you on my DEV Watch and look forward seeing more from you in the future. keep doing  what you been doing homegirl and God loves you!
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